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Stapes Surgery In Janakpuri, Delhi

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Advanced Stapes Surgery in Janakpuri, Delhi

STAPES is a medical procedure performed in case of osteosclerosis. Osteosclerosis is a condition caused due to damaged stapes. Stapes is a small “U-shaped” bone situated in the middle ear that transmits sound waves from the middle ear to the inner ear. During the stapes surgery, the stape bone is replaced with an artificial device.

What is Stapes Surgery?

Stapes surgery, also known as Stapedectomy, replaces the damaged stapes bone of the middle ear with an artificial device that aids in hearing.

The stapes bone is one of the three tiny bones present in the middle ear. The stapes bone, also called the stirrup, is a “U-shaped bone”, which plays a vital role in transmitting the sound waves to the inner ear while vibrating. A damaged stirrup leads to hearing impairment, and in such cases, a stapes replacement surgery is a must.

The stapes surgery also helps treat Osteosclerosis – a condition characterised by abnormal growths around the stapes bone.

Why is Stapedectomy performed?

Your ENT specialist may suggest a stapes surgery if you have a loss of hearing caused due to Osteosclerosis . As mentioned earlier, Osteosclerosis causes abnormal growths around the stapes bone. These growths cause fusion of stapes to the surrounding bone tissues causing immobility and no vibrations.

People with Osteosclerosis often have hearing issues and cannot hear people whispering or even low-pitch sounds. Some people with Osteosclerosis speak slowly or quietly because they feel their voice is loud. They also have vertigo, tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ear), balance problems, or dizziness.

What are the Prerequisites of a Stapedectomy?

Before Stapes surgery, the doctor will assess your condition by understanding your medical history. Generally, after a thorough physical examination of the ear canals and audiometry check to rule out ear infections, the doctor will conduct a hearing loss test. The hearing loss testing involves a tuning fork test and tympanometry- a test performed with a handheld device called tympanometer.

To have a look at the bones and tissue condition of the middle ear, the doctor will also conduct a computed tomography (CT) scan. It is only after a thorough investigation that the Stapes surgery is performed.

What can you Expect during Stapes Surgery?

Stapes surgery is a general outpatient procedure done under local or general anaesthesia. The ENT surgeon will go through the following steps during Stapes surgery:

  • • A micro instrument or laser is used to make a small incision behind or in front of the ear to access the eardrums.
  • • The eardrums are lifted to replace the damaged stapes with an artificial device.
  • • After stapes replacement, the eardrum is put back in place, and the incision is sutured and dressed to allow healing.

During the surgery, you are less likely to have pain or discomfort. However, for post-surgery pain, the doctor will prescribe over-the-counter pain relievers.

Aftercare and Recovery of Stapes Surgery

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After a stapes surgery, you will get discharged the same day. After discharge, you will need to take care of the operated ear and the dressings. Here are some measures and guidelines to be followed after a stapedectomy.

  • • If you have blood coming out of the ear, gently place the cotton in the ear.
  • • Apply the prescribed antibiotic drops and ointments.
  • • Keep your ears dry, and do not allow water to enter the ear. While washing hair or face, use a cotton ball with vaseline to cover the ear.
  • • Gently pat the area outside the ear after a bath or shower.
  • • Do not exert unnecessary pressure on the ear.
  • • Avoid earbuds at least till the ear heals.
  • • Avoid air travel until the ear heals completely. Aeroplane travel can exert pressure on the ear and dislodge the replaced device.
  • • Avoid air travel until the ear heals completely. Aeroplane travel can exert pressure on the ear and dislodge the replaced device.
  • • Do not indulge in strenuous activities or heavy weight lifting for a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks after surgery.
  • • Do not blow your nose after the surgery and sneeze with an open mouth.

People after stapes surgery may experience vertigo or balance issues for several hours or days. Most people after Stapes surgery can resume their work within a week. And a complete healing post stapedectomy will take around 4 to 6 weeks.

Are there any Risks or Complications Associated with Stapedectomy?

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Stapedectomy is usually a safe and effective procedure to restore hearing. It is a successful treatment procedure for people with osteosclerosis, with a nearly 80 to 90% success rate. However, in rare circumstances, you may need to connect with your surgeon if you experience the following associated risks or complications of Stapes surgery.

  • • Dizziness after the surgery that prolongs for the next few days
  • • Loss of sense of taste, especially on the sides of the tongue. This symptom normally fades after a few months of surgery
  • • Abnormal discharge, pain, or swelling- a sign of possible ear infection
  • • Bleeding from the ear does not stop even after a few hours
  • • Facial muscle weakness or numbness
  • • Tinnitus or ringing, buzzing or hissing in the ear
  • • Worsening of hearing loss that may require additional surgery or a hearing aid.

Stapes surgery or Stapedectomy treats osteosclerosis while replacing the damaged stapes bone in the middle ear. Stapes bone is a crucial bone that allows the passage of soundwaves from the middle ear to the inner ear. A damaged or immovable stapes bone can be a major reason for hearing loss.

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