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Sinus Surgery (FESS) In Janakpuri, Delhi

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Best Price Available For Sinus Treatment in Janakpuri, Delhi

Sinuses are interconnected hollow cavities of the skull that majorly produce mucus. Sometimes when these hollow cavities get filled with fluids, the sinus infections grow and develop swelling or inflammation. Sinus surgery or Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) is a minimally invasive surgery that helps treat severe sinus infections.

What is FESS?

FESS is majorly performed to clear the hollow cavities of the skull in and around the nasal passages from chronic sinus infections. Hence the surgery is also referred to as sinus surgery.

Sinuses are hollow craters present within the skull bones. They are situated behind the cheekbone or below the eyes and in the forehead region. The primary function of sinuses is to produce mucus that lines the nasal passages to keep from dust, irritants, and other pollutants.

A healthy sinus is typically filled with air. While a blocked sinus is tucked with fluids and germs that multiply to develop sinus infections. FESS or Sinus surgery involves small incisions in and around the nose through which an endoscope (a device having a small tube, light, and camera) is inserted to clear the trapped fluid and bacterial infections.

When is Sinus surgery performed?

Sinus inflammation and chronic sinus infections are the prime indications to opt for sinus surgery. The doctor will initially suggest medications and antibiotics. But, if the sinus infections reoccur or do not improve, you will require FESS. Typically, sinus infections develop when the sinus linings swell and trap the mucus flowing in and out of these hollow cavities. The trapped mucus or fluids lead to bacterial infections or the development of nasal polyps that would require sinus surgery. The extent of sinus infections and the sinus passages affected are generally detected through imaging scans such as Nasal endoscopy and Computed Tomography (CT) scans. The symptoms of chronic sinus infections include:

  • • Acute congestion or redness and fullness in the face
  • • Nasal blockage or obstruction
  • • Pus or fluid drainage from the nasal cavity
  • • Fever
  • • Headaches
  • • Toothaches, bad breath
  • • Fatigue
  • • Discoloured drainage with a runny nose

Sinus infections can be triggered by some of the following factors:

  • • Common cold leading to swelling of nasal ducts
  • • Allergies
  • • Exposure to smoke can cause nasal passage blockages
  • • Structurally narrow nasal ducts
  • • Other infections and smoking

What are the prerequisites of Sinus surgery?

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After a thorough examination of a person’s medical history and if you are ready to go through surgery for the stuffed sinus issues, you will need to take care of certain aspects before the sinus surgery. Your healthcare provider will let you know what to do before your surgery.

  • • If you are habituated to smoking, you will need to quit smoking at least two to three years before the surgery, as smoking can worsen your sinus issue.
  • • Avoid taking aspirin for nearly ten days before surgery. Aspirin can increase bleeding during and after surgery..
  • • Do not eat or drink anything after the previous night of your surgery if the surgery involves the use of general anaesthesia. However, general anaesthesia is administered just before the surgery.

How is the Sinus surgery performed?

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FESS is performed through a series of steps. With refinement in this procedure, evidence shows that sinus surgery has successfully helped 80 to 90% of people. Here is how the sinus surgery is performed:

  • • The doctor uses decongestant medicine to clear the congestion of the nasal passages.
  • • The numbing solution is injected into the node.
  • • Small incisions in and around the nose are made to insert the endoscope and appropriate surgical tools to remove the nasal polyps, infections, diseased tissues, and fluids.
  • • A small rotating burr may be inserted to scope out the tissues. The incisions are sutured, and the nose is packed and dressed to absorb the bloody discharge.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery can last up to 2 to 3 hours.

Aftercare and Recovery of Sinus Surgery

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FESS is an outpatient or day surgical procedure. After the surgery, you are likely to be monitored for a few hours. You can go home the same day of the surgery but will need another person to take care of you for a night or two. The doctor will guide you through some of the aftercare tips like:

  • • Do not blow your nose for a minimum of seven days.
  • • Sneeze with your mouth open or sneeze into a tissue or sleeve.
  • • Sneezing can blow out a blood or mucus discharge that may take a couple of weeks to heal.
  • • Do not indulge in strenuous activities, jogging, running, or brisk walking.
  • • Keep rinsing the nose and sinuses with saline solution.
  • • Take the necessary medications and antibiotics as prescribed.

After sinus surgery, you can resume your work in about a week. And to get back to the normal routine, it can take up to 3 weeks. Most people feel normal after a month of surgery. And you will need to visit the doctor regularly for three to four months post-FESS.

Are there any Risks associated with FESS?

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FESS is relatively a safe surgery with fewer associated complications. Some of the rarely possible complications of FESS include:

  • • Loss of sense of smell for a few days.
  • • Teary eyes
  • • Risk of abnormal bleeding post-surgery
  • • Leaking of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This rare complication of FESS can lead to meningitis (inflammation of the brain membranes).
  • • Vision impairment in either one or both eyes.


FESS or Sinus surgery works by clearing off the blocked and inflamed sinuses that make mucus essential for the inner lining of the nasal passages. It systematically reduces the irritating, stuffy nose, inflammations, and other symptoms associated with sinus infections. You will need to visit Dr. Saloni Sinha’s ENT and Cosmetic clinic to get more information and get the best sinus surgery in Delhi.

She has more than 20 years of experience and is exceptionally qualified. Her clinic has best-in-class equipment and technology to give you the right care and treatment for your ENT concerns, including sinus issues.

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